Welsh Language Pack

This language pack provides translation of Alfresco Share as well as all translatable repository messages.

The translation is complete for Alfresco Community 4.2.c and should be backwards-compatible with all previous versions.

Multi-Lingual Share

ml-share provides multilingual features for Alfresco Share.

Initial feature is a filter to the document library to show content of a specific language.

Doclib Wiki

Re-implementation of the Alfresco Share wiki using the document library.

Media Viewers

This add-on project for Alfresco Share provides a number of content viewers to
complement the out-of-the box set supplied with Share. It was previously named
Media Preview.

Share OAuth

This add-on provides a custom Spring Surf connector and client-side helper class, allowing easy OAuth-based access to external resources. It is a prerequisite for the Twitter, Yammer and LinkedIn dashlets provided by Share Extras.

LinkedIn Dashlet

This dashlet allows you to see and set your LinkedIn status from within an Alfresco Share dashlet.

Reset Password Dialog

This project provides a customised login page for Alfresco Share, including a password reset dialog that can be used to recover a lost password.

CKEditor Form Control

This is an addon to Share forms that lets you use the CKEditor as a wysiwyg editor for online edits. CKEditor,, is a separately developed tool, this addon provides the integration to Alfresco forms.


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