Workflow Reporting

This dashlet carry out an overview on workflow status and processes. It improves monitoring tasks and making best decisions.


evoReports is a full-featured solution for report design, creation and execution for the Alfresco platform. Based on Jasper Reports, evoReports extends Alfresco's existing functionality to create a reporting solution that is powerful, flexible and easy to use and install.

Audit Share

Audit Share is an extension totally integrated into the Share UI accessible by administrators and sites managers.
This app displays sites and repository usage info: number of created/read/updated/deleted documents displayed by day/week/month/year.

Alfresco Audit Analysis and Reporting (A.A.A.R.)

A solution for extract, store and query data auditing with the goal to let them be useful for any end-user in a very easy way such as reports in well-known formats (pdf, xlsx, csv, etc.), stored directly in Alfresco as static documents organized in folders, versioned, authorized and published.


The aim of this dashlet is to generate different statistics and graphs according to user's actions in Sites: create, update and delete content.
Google chart api has been used to generate the graphs.

Audit Surf

Audit Surf is a SURF app displaying repository usage info: users connected, number of created/read/updated documents displayed by hour/day/week/month, etc. and some monitoring info (requires JMX: memory used, content stores' disk size, lucene indexes disk size, etc.)

Content Report Dashlet and Admin Console component

Alfresco Share dashlet and admin console component that provides information (chart and table) from repository contents stacked by some property value. Tested in Alfresco 3.4.x and 4.0 (lucene/solr configuration).

Alfresco Business Reporting

Business Reporting should be handled by the Business. Therefore reporting should use an existing tool and plain and simple SQL. Currently, reporting in Alfresco is not that easy, and many alternatives are tech-driven.


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