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multivalue Form Control

This is a form control template that allows for the editing of properties that have been tagged <multiple>true</multiple>. It provides a simple interface that displays a separate text field for each entry including buttons to delete entries and add entries.

ShareBox - Secure external sharing

It is not a secret that Alfresco comes with the ability to share files with external users. However, we figured out that this function doesn’t serve most of external sharing requirements that users are in need. We believe you’ll see why when you’re done reading this post.

Content Linker

With OBJECT's Content Linker it's possible to upload and create content in one place within the Alfresco repository and to manage it in all spaces where users have write permission.

Alfresco connector Hitachi Content Platform HCP

Would you like your content to be secure, encrypted and protected thanks to Alfresco installation?
Would you like to enable your Enterprise Management Content Source to document digital signing?

Migration Workbench

Blue Fish Migration Workbench™ is based on years of experience helping some of the world’s most successful companies migrate millions of files between content repositories.

BlueDolmen AppStore

The AppStore enables users with admin role to browse a store, choose an extension and install it directly on their Alfresco repository. Completely dynamic, you can immediately use the features.


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