Newest Add-ons


Collection of useful fixes, patches and extensions for Alfresco packaged as an installable AMP file. The intention is to collect useful work done by the community and make the code easier availabe for users of Alresco providing a pre packaged installable module.


JavaScript Batch Executer (Ciber)

This add-on helps Alfresco administrators and developers efficiently process bulks of data in Alfresco repository. Using a short JavaScript script you can process thousands of nodes in a controlled, monitored and fast way. Might be handy for example to post-process documents imported by BFSIT.


Twitter Bootstrap client of Alfresco.

Full client application of Alfresco built on Twitter Bootstrap v3.1.0.

Key Features:

Digital signing

Digital sign documents with certificate and eventually picture
- Sign all documents transformable in PDF
- Sign PDF documents in PDF/A-1
- Sign multiple documents in one action
- Create/modify your signature
- Dashlet to follow signed documents
- Email alert on key expiration

IGC Brava Viewer

View, annotate, redact and transform virtually any type of file.


Certified product to integrate Alfresco and SAP.

Seemless integrates Alfresco with SAP and supports nearly all SAP modules like FI, HR, MM, CO, SD, PM, ...


PECstore is a solution to archive Certified Mail Messages in Alfresco for the italian Public Administration and private companies.


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