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SAPAL - SAP connector for Alfresco ECM

SAPAL connector moves the files from SAP to the folder in Alfresco with the metadata in a synchronized way.

Technically, this solution offers a servlet that is deployed in an application server (WAS), available from SAP and that is able to access Alfresco by webservices.

Workflow Permissions

By default Alfresco cannot manage users or groups to start the advanced workflow. Workflow permissions provide the way to manage permission of advanced workflow by configuration in share-config-custom.xml

Confluence Module

Object’s Confluence module is a plugin that connects Atlassian’s Confluence with Alfresco, mirroring your Confluence Pages for high-performance indexing via Solr, full audit control and long term archiving.

Due Diligence Module

Object’s Due Diligence module is an add-on for Alfresco Share, which is able to hide document-, and link-actions to a specific user group. It prevents content being downloaded by unauthorized users by enabling a "view_only"-mode through Alfresco’s distinct Flash preview.

Alfresco BART (Backup and Recovery tool)

Alfresco BART is a tool written in shell script on top of Duplicity for Alfresco backups and restore from a local file system, FTP, SCP or Amazon S3 of all its components: indexes, data base, content store and all deployment and configuration files.

GroupDocs Signature

With GroupDocs.Signature for Cloud add-on you can streamline the process of signing contracts, invoices, quotes and any other business documents. It’s a secure and legally binding solution that allows you and your partners/clients to sign documents online by applying an electronic signature.

GroupDocs Comparison

Compare two document versions directly from your web browser with the GroupDocs Comparison add-on for Alfresco.

GroupDocs Assembly

Collect data and create new documents online by embedding GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud questionnaires into your site. The GroupDocs.Assembly for Cloud Alfresco plugin lets you collect data to automatically create new documents online quickly and easily.

GroupDocs Annotation

GroupDocs Document, Image and PDF Annotation plugin lets you embed documents, complete with GroupDocs.Annotation for Cloud, into Alfresco sites.


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