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Basket module

Basket modules for Alfresco/Share 4.2.x developed by Smile ( . This module allow user to manage a document basket.

With this module, user can :

elFinder CMIS web client

elFinder CMIS client is a java web client for accessing to a CMIS repository. It allows the most usual actions on the repository including browse, downloads, search, and other edition and upload actions (depending on the access mode). The web interface is based on Elfinder client.

.be eID Sign (RedTree)

.be eID Sign is an Alfresco extension to sign PDF documents with the Belgian Identity card, developed and provided by RedTree.

The action can be completed through the easy to use interface or this can be part of a workflow.

Email Documents Action - Share & Repo Modules

The Alfresco Email Document Action project provides an Alfresco repository and Alfresco share module to add an option to the document library action menu to email documents straight from share.


Collection of useful fixes, patches and extensions for Alfresco packaged as an installable AMP file. The intention is to collect useful work done by the community and make the code easier availabe for users of Alresco providing a pre packaged installable module.


JavaScript Batch Executer (Ciber)

This add-on helps Alfresco administrators and developers efficiently process bulks of data in Alfresco repository. Using a short JavaScript script you can process thousands of nodes in a controlled, monitored and fast way. Might be handy for example to post-process documents imported by BFSIT.


Twitter Bootstrap client of Alfresco.

Full client application of Alfresco built on Twitter Bootstrap v3.1.0.

Key Features:


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