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Alfresco connector Hitachi Content Platform HCP

Would you like your content to be secure, encrypted and protected thanks to Alfresco installation?
Would you like to enable your Enterprise Management Content Source to document digital signing?

Migration Workbench

Blue Fish Migration Workbench™ is based on years of experience helping some of the world’s most successful companies migrate millions of files between content repositories.

BlueDolmen AppStore

The AppStore enables users with admin role to browse a store, choose an extension and install it directly on their Alfresco repository. Completely dynamic, you can immediately use the features.

ifresco Chrome Toolbar

ifresco Toolbar allowes you to upload images, manage bookmarks and create html from any page into your Alfresco Repository.

Upload Images directly from any site into your Alfresco Repository.
You can add and view your bookmarks inside Alfresco Sites.

Online PDF Signer

The Online PDF Signer truly is a remarkable achievement for a digital signature solution. It’s a result of innovation, driven by obsessive attention to detail to sign a document in a more attractive and easy way.

Alfresco My Files Quota

This extension adds the ability to define and apply a default quota on My Files folder when a new user is created.

Alfresco's default quota is applied to every content uploaded by a user. This extension applies quota only to personal space (user home folder).

Share Suggestion Box

This project includes a suggestion box addon for Alfresco Share. This addon can be added as a link to any Alfresco Share Site.

FreeMarker templates can be utilized to customize the email message sent to the person in charge and the copy to the requester.


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