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Share Community Admin Console

With the Contezza Community Share Alfresco Admin Console it's easier to administer Alfresco even with non-techncal Alfresco knowledge.

Move document to Folder Action

Custom Share Action on a Document which shows a dialog to input the folder.
Just fill in the name of the folder and it's moved.

Metadata Export to spreadsheet

This module allows users to create a comma separated spreadsheet with properties of all the content within a folder. The functionality can be called using a custom action in the document library menu of a folder.

Clock Dashlet

Clock Dashlet is a tiny dashlet to display clock as a dashlet in Alfresco Share. This dashlet uses canvas of HTML5 to draw the clock. No data interaction with repository.

Alfresco Etherpad Integration

This Share plugin enables users to edit HTML documents within Etherpad lite from Alfresco Share. This will create a new Edit in Etherpad action within the document library for HTML documents.

File Linking Extension

The Formtek File Linking Extension allows a single document to be accessible from multiple locations without physically duplicating the document.

Enhanced Script Environment

The Enhanced Script Environment is an addon to Repository and Share that addresses some long-standing issues with JavaScript execution in Alfresco.

Alfresco Search Tweaks by Zylk

Some modifications for default Alfresco search:
- AND operator in searches (instead of OR).
- Search by folder by default. The custom types are available as a filter in quick search.
- Search by path (with a live query browser) in advanced search.


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