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evoReports is a full-featured solution for report design, creation and execution for the Alfresco platform. Based on Jasper Reports, evoReports extends Alfresco's existing functionality to create a reporting solution that is powerful, flexible and easy to use and install.

Support Tools for the Admin Console

It adds the following Features to the Admin Console:
-System Performance: live graph of the Memory and CPU usage.
-Log4JSettings: change live and easily one class to debug and tail system log remotely with a nice UI and only 2 clicks.


Vic is a multiplatform desktop client that aims to provide a gateway into Alfresco from multiple data sources in a familiar “explorer” like manner.

Metadata Extractor

OBJECT's Metadata Extractor enables Alfresco to extract user specified metadata out of Word-documents through Alfresco’s “PoiMetadataExtracter”.

DB2 Support for Alfresco Community

This add-on provides support for using a DB2 database with Alfresco Community. DB2 is currently only supported in the Enterprise version of Alfresco.

Enhanced SVG Support

Enhance SVG support in Alfresco

Supported for SVG: preview, indexing & thumbnailing

Supported for SVGZ: indexing


Alfresco Presence in Share Currently is a PoC for presence in Alfresco Share, in the Site Members dahslet.


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