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Alfresco My Files Quota

This extension adds the ability to define and apply a default quota on My Files folder when a new user is created.

Alfresco's default quota is applied to every content uploaded by a user. This extension applies quota only to personal space (user home folder).

Share Suggestion Box

This project includes a suggestion box addon for Alfresco Share. This addon can be added as a link to any Alfresco Share Site.

FreeMarker templates can be utilized to customize the email message sent to the person in charge and the copy to the requester.

DocuSign Connector for Alfresco

Is capturing document signatures a critical part of your business processes? Are you finding yourself using your Alfresco investment to store document files only to then print those documents out for physical signatures?


A plugin that enhances the standard Alfresco uploader with a mechanism to prompt the user for content type and metadata during the upload process.



Enjoy quick and painless editing of all your documents in Alfresco.
In one click, SimpleEdit will open all your files in the preferred editor installed on your computer. SimpleEdit automates the check-in/out in Alfresco and the versioning of the document. Say goodbye to data scattering.

Managed Metadata for Alfresco

This module helps users enter metadata using autocomplete suggestion lists. The field allows free input, but a list of already present values is shown to help users select the right value.

Model Management Service

The Model Management Service provides a capability to manage the data in the content model according to practices in Model-Based Systems Engineering.


Alfresco-inboxes implements an inbox view on top of Alfresco's documents. An inbox is a container of documents that helps a user organise his or her work. At its core, an inbox is defined by a CMIS query.

iParapheur Connector for Alfresco

Le but du connecteur est de permettre d'envoyer des documents présents dans Alfresco vers un circuit de validation du i-parapheur, et de récupérer en retour le document validé, avec son historique de validation.
Pour cela, les fonctions suivantes ont été développées :


This application enables user to manage all their digitized document flow from a specific application written in extjs on top of Alfresco. Digitized documents, whether they are emails or mails, are first routed, then assigned and answered.


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