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This add-on helps Alfresco administrators and developers efficiently process bulks of data in Alfresco repository. Using a short JavaScript script you can process thousands of nodes in a controlled, monitored and fast way. Might be handy for example to post-process documents imported by BFSIT.


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This add-on was created for Alfresco developers and administrators.

Have you ever found yourself updating thousands of nodes in Alfresco using a JavaScript script? For example to post-process documents imported by Bulk FileSystem Import Tool? Or did you ever have to traverse a large folder tree and run some logic on each document? Then you know that repo-side scripts run slow and in one transaction: you may wait a day for it to finish, and if it fails then nothing is saved. It makes it almost impossible to use repo-side JavaScript for bulk processing.

Alfresco JavaScript Batch Executer tool is aimed to solve this problem in multithreaded and transactional manner. It can do the job many times faster, while clearly showing the progress and also allowing you to cancel running jobs.

Find more info and download the tool from the GitHub page:

BathExecuter was tested on Alfresco 4.x but should also work on pre-4.0 versions. If it does not - please create an issue on GitHub!

The add-on was developed internally at Ciber Netherlands and is open for public usage.


  • Usage example
  • Running jobs page

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