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Intelligent document capture platform which automatically captures content from the documents and makes that available to use in your business processes.

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Ephesoft processes your paper and electronic documents. These come in many forms: scanned paper documents, faxes, email attachments and other electronic documents such as PDF's that already exist and imported.
Ephesoft adds value to the documents in several ways:

  • By using classification technologies, Ephesoft can identify the type of document that it is. By knowing the document type, this can be useful in determining what to do with it.
  • Once the document type is known, Ephesoft can extract printed information from the document and convert it to ASCII text. This information can be valuable in identifying more about the document that can be used in the business process. The data can be extracted from anywhere on the page and in variable moving locations.
  • Once the document and data are known on the document, it can be compared to existing data in a database and used to match records or collect additional information that can be attached to the document for use in furthering the business process.
  • After processing, Ephesoft can export documents to Alfresco via CMIS. It can also set appropriate aspects on the document and map captured data to metadata properties on the document.
    Supported products:

    The integration also works in Ephesoft Community Edition, but is not supported. Instructions are available in the Ephesoft wiki.

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