Newest Add-ons

Wiki Rich Content

This project implements a number of customisations to the Alfresco Share wiki component to improve it's visual appearance, and add support for dynamic tables of contents, embedded document previews, inline data lists/tables and syntax-highlighted code using Google Code Prettify.

SurveyMonkey Dashlet

This project defines a custom dashlet to display a SurveyMonkey Survey on a site dashlet.

Twitter Dashlets

This project defines three custom dashlets which you can use to interact with Twitter from within Alfresco Share.

The Twitter Feed dashlet displays recent Tweets from any public Twitter user, or any public list belonging to a user.

Tag Query Dashlet

The Tag Query dashlet was developed for the 2011 Alfresco dashlet challenge by Jan Pfitzner and is part of fme's extensions gallery. The dashlet displays a list of documents and folders that are tagged with a configurable tag.

Activity Stats

Activity Stats - a reporting tool for Alfresco Share. It helps the administrator to monitor the users connections and activities. It provides for all users a graphical overview of what happened in their sites.

JasperReports Dashlet

Dashlet for Alfresco 3.4.x to configure and run jasper reports from the Share interface.

Confluence Alfresco Integration Rivet (CAIr)

The Confluence Alfresco Integration Rivet (CAIr) integrates Atlassian Confluence Enterprise Wiki with Alfresco Enterprise Content Management. Our aim is to create a base of infrastructure upon which further Alfresco / Confluence integration and plugins can be built.


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