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Lambdalf -- Alfresco with a Clojure taste

An ongoing project to wrap the Alfresco Java developer platform in idiomatic Clojure. Currently the following features are provided:

Grails Alfresco Plugin

This plugin will hopefully help you to integrate Alfresco 3.4 into your grails Application. Note that I have tested it only to integrate repository documents.

Google Analytics Tracking

This add-on provides a modified page footer component, which integrates a client-side module to provide page tracking using Google Analytics.

SurveyMonkey Dashlet

This project defines a custom dashlet to display a SurveyMonkey Survey on a site dashlet.

Twitter Dashlets

This project defines three custom dashlets which you can use to interact with Twitter from within Alfresco Share.

The Twitter Feed dashlet displays recent Tweets from any public Twitter user, or any public list belonging to a user.

Activity Stats

Activity Stats - a reporting tool for Alfresco Share. It helps the administrator to monitor the users connections and activities. It provides for all users a graphical overview of what happened in their sites.


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