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Contentreich Alfresco Email

The email-address is frequently used to identify users. In general, the users know it better than a username such as "asteffan123". Using the email-address for identification reduces the chance to enter wrong credentials during the login process.

Contentreich Alfresco Site Groups

A default Alfresco Share site provides a security-model based on four groups which have one set of permissions assigned : Manager, Collaborator, Contributor and Consumer. Managers assign people and (global) groups to one of these groups.

This model makes the following restrictions:

Alfresco H2 support module

This addon enables Alfresco Repository to run against the H2 database engine. Using an embedded database results in incredible speedup of your development cycle, which will no more require each and every developer to setup their own local database.

GroupDocs Viewer

This add-on allows you to embed GroupDocs’ efficient online document viewer to your Alfresco pages.

Event scheduling Share Dashlet

With this dashlet, you can plan events directly from a Share dashlet (the dashlet can be added, either on a user or on a site dashboard).
This dashlet permits to plan events ( like).

Alfresco Shell Tools

This projects provides a set of scripts that makes it more easy to interact with the repository and its exposed resources.

Create or change users, create sites, manage group membership from the command line instead of the user interface. Upload files from remote etc.


Based on Zia Consulting's mobile application for interaction with Alfresco over CMIS on Android platform, we have improved some features for Fresh docs:
- Better GUI
- Edit file
- Upload file
- Delete file
- Add to favorite, synchronized with server

Alfresco Scan Client plus Scanner

It has never been easier to convert paper documents into Alfresco to archive and integrate into your digital processes.

  • Kofax Express 3.1
  • Export Connector Alfresco 1.7
  • Fujitsu scanner fi-6110
  • 1 year software maintenance

for 899.00 EUR


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