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Morpheus Drive

A Simple File Sharing UI for Alfresco that Solves the Dropbox Problem

Signature validation in Alfresco Share

Signature validation in Alfresco Share addon by Zylk provides an action for validating PDF files (CMS/PKCS7 Signatures), SAR (Sinadura Xades Format) and XML Facturae (Spanish Electronic Invoice Xades Format) files in Alfresco Share.

Alfresco Listmanager

This addon provides a way to manage list of values to be used in alfresco metadata forms. The model provided constraints are not
always suitable to use. Sometimes you just want to pick a value from a list without constraining anything. In addition there is no

Audit Share

Audit Share is an extension totally integrated into the Share UI accessible by administrators and sites managers.
This app displays sites and repository usage info: number of created/read/updated/deleted documents displayed by day/week/month/year.

MS Office Creatable

Adds Document Library Toolbar 'Create Content' - Menu items' for direct document creation via MS Office

This uses the same ActiveX and browser plugins as the MS Office the standard edit-online feature. ActiveX - OpenDocuments?

Manual Manager - Write and Manage Documents written in Markdown

Manual Manager by Loftux AB is an add-on for Alfresco Share that adds hierarchically structured documents written using markdown syntax. The editor has live preview and syntax help. The result is kind of a classic help file.

Current features include:


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