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Manual Manager

Manual Manager by Loftux AB is an add-on for Alfresco Share that adds hierarchically structured documents written using markdown syntax. The editor has live preview and syntax help. The result is kind of a classic help file.

Current features include:

LibreOffice Online Edit Module

The module is an addon to Alfresco which makes it possible to edit documents online in LibreOffice over CMIS from the browser.


ActiveCMIS is a client library in the same vein as ActiveRecord, and ActiveDCTM. It interfaces with CMIS servers through the AtomPub Rest binding of the CMIS protocol. The ActiveCMIS library documentation is automatically generated via RDoc.


This library provides a CMIS client library for Perl that can be used to work with CMIS-compliant repositories such as Alfresco, IBM FileNet, Nuxeo and others.


LibCMIS is a C++ client library for the CMIS interface. This allows C++ applications to connect to any ECM behaving as a CMIS server like Alfresco, Nuxeo for the open source ones.

Quikdrop for Alfresco

Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way of adding your desktop documents, emails and chat transcripts to Alfresco? Are you one of those Alfresco users who wanted the simplest of scanning applications? Your search ends right here.

Document Library Display Dashlet

Custom Site Dashlet which shows the list of documents which are uploaded in the document library of particular site.


Freemind file support

Supports previewing and indexing of freemind files (.mm extension).

It uses the same approach as share-extras media previewers for share extension and Java XSLT for XML to text transformation which enables indexing.


This project provides the following components which display geotagged content items within map views and to modify the geographic information associated with stored items.


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