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Calendar Event Participant

In Alfresco, a Collaboration Site can have Calendar Events.

You can add the details of the event, place where the event will be taking place, timestamp of the event. You can also tag the event.

Category Browser

For implementing organization taxonomy, you use Alfresco Categories, and Content Items such as Documents, Wikis, Blogs, Links etc can be categorized.

Task Document Previewer

Where as most of the workflows and business processes in an organization happens around document(s) only, but in Alfresco Share, the document is not shown in the task window itself.

Edit online with Libreoffice / Openoffice

Online Edition with Libreoffice / Openoffice Addon for Alfresco Share provides DAV and HTML webdav links in default metadata templates for Office and MS office mimetypes.

Snowbound Software's VirtualViewer® HTML5 Document Viewer

Our VirtualViewer® HTML5 document viewer for Alfresco provides users with a powerful and flexible interface to securely access documents and images from any system or platform (including tablets and smartphones) all within the existing Alfresco framework.

Login in Alfresco with LDAP email address

With this addon, you can login in Alfresco repository and Share with email field of your openLDAP. Some searches are improved in Share UI for using mail users.

The installation needs two AMP files, one for Alfresco repository and another for Alfresco Share.

Daeja ViewONE Integration

This project is aimed at assisting with the integration of Daeja ViewONE Pro and Alfresco.

This open project is currently being maintained by Armedia.

Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality control is in many companies tedious, because of lack of IT support and proper processes. Redpill Linpros QMS module tackles this, by bringing QA facilities to the document management system, so that QA can be an integral part of document production and management.

Alfresco Search Criteria API

Alfresco Search Criteria API is a simplified API for retrieving Alfresco nodes across Lucene or Solr engines without coding complex Lucene queries.


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