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WordPress CMIS Plugin

This project is a simple plugin for WordPress that allows the user to embed content stored in a CMIS-compliant content repository into a WordPress site. Right now it is only tested against Alfresco, but this will change as the project matures. Some features include:

Visualization Tools

Alfresco Visualization Tools (AVT) provides a platform to bring content visualization to Alfresco.

It also includes dashlets to view and visualize content within Alfresco repositories using D3.js and Simile Project.

Following visualizations are provided along with this project.

Share Clipboard

This project defines a Share Clipboard that allows collecting documents in Alfresco Share.

Content Uploader Pro

Currently in Alfresco Share, the document could only be categorized by invoking the “Edit Metadata” screen once the document gets uploaded successfully. This introduces few extra clicks and steps to categorize the document.

Wiki Printout

Alfresco Wiki Printout is a simple extension to Alfresco Share that adds a print.css file for printing Wiki pages.


Alvex is an open-source Alfresco-based solution for managing unstructured business processes and complex projects.

nubarchiva Alfresco

Este módulo adapta Alfresco RM para adaptarlo a las necesidades de un archivo español incorporando las siguientes características:
Traducción completa al castellano
Metadatos descriptivos en formato multinivel ISAD


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