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Alfresco ETL Connector

The Alfresco ETL Connector allows mass import of documents in an Alfresco repository by using compatible ETLs (Extract, Transform and Load) tools - for now Talend.

It consists in :


The aim of this dashlet is to generate different statistics and graphs according to user's actions in Sites: create, update and delete content.
Google chart api has been used to generate the graphs.

Content Trends

Module developed for the Alfresco Dashlet Challenge 2012 which tracks content activities via Alfresco Auditing and scores content items based on the amount of semantic operations within a relative time frame.

JMX Statistics Dashlet

This administrative dashlet displays server statistics queried from the Alfresco server via a JMX client that runs as a Java-backed webscript.

Dropbox Integration

The Alfresco Dropbox Connector Allows you to synchronize files between Alfresco and Dropbox.

Live Discussion Alfresco Share Addon

This addon allows users to utilize the forum and discussion capability in Repository Browser of Alfresco Share. This addon is developed for Repository Browser content and is not designed to work for document library of Alfresco Share sites

Alfresco Encryption Module

Allow users encrypt their data by AES algorithm.

If you want to try it, be sure that you have:
1. Alfresco community 4.0x
2. Alfresco SDK
3. Apache ant
4. jdk 1.6

Alfresco Nagios / Icinga Plugin

This package contains a Nagios/Icinga Java plugin to check via JMX values to Alfresco Enterprise 3.2 and above. It contains 39 checks and supports performance data to graph results of checks with pnp4nagios. More information:

Alfresco CIFS authenticator for openLDAP users

This addon provides CIFS authentication subsystem for Alfresco 3.4.x and 4.x for an openLDAP user directory. Alfresco ECM, by default, provides CIFS/SAMBA network drive access only for alfrescoNTLM and passthru subsystems, but lacks for an openLDAP user.


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