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This project provides the following components which display geotagged content items within map views and to modify the geographic information associated with stored items.

Folder/Site Quotas

An extension for Alfresco that implements folder / site quotas. A folder quota is indicated by an aspect which adds a "quota" property, expressed in bytes.


jEnte connector for Alfresco.
jEnte is a java based solution for the Italian Public Administration.
It manages all the most important processes like Protocollo, Atti, Delibere, Anagrafe and so on.
Easylink enables jEnte to use Alfresco as the document repository.


eDrive 0.3.0 is now available.


eSync is a utility library written by EOSSOnline Limited to help Java developers build synchronization solutions between File Systems and CMIS content Repositories


Zia Consulting’s ZSign is an add-on for Alfresco, allowing users to electronically sign documents within their repository.

Callas pdfaPilot Converter for Alfresco

The standard document converters that ship with Alfresco uses OpenOffice (or LibreOffice) for conversion of some documents to PDF. When it comes to converting Microsoft Office documents to PDF or PDF/A, with OpenOffice the end result is sometimes not as good as the original.

Calendar Event Participant

In Alfresco, a Collaboration Site can have Calendar Events.

You can add the details of the event, place where the event will be taking place, timestamp of the event. You can also tag the event.

Category Browser

For implementing organization taxonomy, you use Alfresco Categories, and Content Items such as Documents, Wikis, Blogs, Links etc can be categorized.

Task Document Previewer

Where as most of the workflows and business processes in an organization happens around document(s) only, but in Alfresco Share, the document is not shown in the task window itself.


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