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Welsh Language Pack

This language pack provides translation of Alfresco Share as well as all translatable repository messages.

The translation is complete for Alfresco Community 4.2.c and should be backwards-compatible with all previous versions.

ChronoScan Capture Pro

What is ChronoScan?

* It's a complete suite for document Scanning & Data Entry with Zonal OCR and Barcode Read.
* It’s easy but powerful and fast.
* Scan and organize your documents in minutes, not hours.
* It’s free for non-commercial use.


DromadR, Windows rich-client, allows you to access to the contents of your Alfresco or Livelink DMS even when you are no longer connected.

It’s possible to make available offline all or a part of the tree of the classification plan, as allowed by the Windows Synchronization.


DematR is a complete paperless solution, especially for letters and invoices, from the scan to the information storage.


DockR is an extension of Alfresco to easily mange your content with only click buttons configuration.

DockR allows you to :

FILLIN Desktop

Forget about entering the data from paper documents manually. Fillin Desktop™ will take this job upon itself.

Solution for the communication between your organization and the customer by mail


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