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Alfresco Scan Client plus Scanner

It has never been easier to convert paper documents into Alfresco to archive and integrate into your digital processes.

  • Kofax Express 3.1
  • Export Connector Alfresco 1.7
  • Fujitsu scanner fi-6110
  • 1 year software maintenance

for 899.00 EUR

Site Task Manager

The Site Task Manager is an Alfresco Share site dashlet that lets members of a site create tasks and then allows all other members of the site to see and track the status of those tasks.

Search Terms Dashlet

The search terms dashlet has been developed for Alfresco's 2012 dashlet challenge. It is a user dashlet that shows the search terms that have been executed in Alfresco, along with a number of filters that give users control over what search terms are displayed.

My Network Dashlet

My Network Dashlet is a solution to help you finding person you should will have an interest to follow.

Social Tops

This project defines a dashlet showing "Top People" based on their activities, with configurable policy for scores calculation.

User Uploader Dashlet from Spreadsheets

Alfresco Dashlet to make it easy to upload spreadsheets of new users

It provides a way to trigger the upload of a spreadsheet, as well as giving you the option to download the template file in a variety of different formats (such as Excel .xls, and CSV)

Data List Download

The Data List Download dashlet allows you to download any Data List from your site in a variety of Spreadsheet formats, including Excel .xls and CSV (Comma Separated Value)

Alfresco ETL Connector

The Alfresco ETL Connector allows mass import of documents in an Alfresco repository by using compatible ETLs (Extract, Transform and Load) tools - for now Talend.

It consists in :


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