Content Linker

With OBJECT's Content Linker it's possible to upload and create content in one place within the Alfresco repository and to manage it in all spaces where users have write permission.

Alfresco connector Hitachi Content Platform HCP

Would you like your content to be secure, encrypted and protected thanks to Alfresco installation?
Would you like to enable your Enterprise Management Content Source to document digital signing?

Migration Workbench

Blue Fish Migration Workbench™ is based on years of experience helping some of the world’s most successful companies migrate millions of files between content repositories.


Enjoy quick and painless editing of all your documents in Alfresco.
In one click, SimpleEdit will open all your files in the preferred editor installed on your computer. SimpleEdit automates the check-in/out in Alfresco and the versioning of the document. Say goodbye to data scattering.

ORION ScanIT for Alfresco

Powerful and scalable software to scan, ocr, index and share documents. Use any professional document scanner to scan batches of documents, recognize content and add metadata.The documents and data can be published in Alfresco (using CMIS) or any other network server or backend application.


ALFXDS is a XDS.b compliant connector for Alfresco.
It's based on The Open eHealth Integration Platform (IPF)

Document Indexing Module for Alfresco Share

Turn Alfresco into an Imaging System with the Document Indexing Module from Blue Fish. This extension lets you scan documents into Alfresco with the scanner or multi-function printer you already have and then process them in easy-to-use indexing queues.

LibreOffice Manager for Alfresco Community

Using this module the stability and availability of OpenOffice/LibreOffice transformation functions will increase, compared to the default subsystem in Alfresco Community.

elFinder CMIS web client

elFinder CMIS client is a java web client for accessing to a CMIS repository. It allows the most usual actions on the repository including browse, downloads, search, and other edition and upload actions (depending on the access mode). The web interface is based on Elfinder client.


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