Document Numbering

The Document Numbering module is part of fme's extensions gallery and adds a unique document number to documents and allows easily finding & opening of a document by its document number within a quick search.

Site Discussions Dashlet

The Site Discussions Dashlet is part of fme's extensions gallery and allows social style discussions like Facebook or Yammer within a Share Collaboration Site including embedded previews of external & internal links and documen

Jive SBS Widget for Alfresco | By Alfstore

By Alfstore:
This Jive Widget exposes the content of an Alfresco repository in a tree-view way. It provides all in-line editing features for documents and folders.
The user can then easily access to any type of documents, through the Jive interface.

Jive Toolkit

A toolkit for integrating Alfresco and social software from Jive.


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