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AlfBI - Real time analytics customised for you


Zefiro is an Alfresco addon, oriented to business productivity.

Zefiro is an interface to Alfresco, alternative to Alfresco Share.

While Alfresco Share is focused on team collaboration, Zefiro is focused on document types and their relationships.

BlueDolmen AppStore

The AppStore enables users with admin role to browse a store, choose an extension and install it directly on their Alfresco repository. Completely dynamic, you can immediately use the features.


This application enables user to manage all their digitized document flow from a specific application written in extjs on top of Alfresco. Digitized documents, whether they are emails or mails, are first routed, then assigned and answered.

.be eID Sign (RedTree)

.be eID Sign is an Alfresco extension to sign PDF documents with the Belgian Identity card, developed and provided by RedTree.

The action can be completed through the easy to use interface or this can be part of a workflow.

PDF Rendering Extension for Alfresco 5.0

The Formtek PDF Rendering Extension provides a PDF rendition of an Alfresco-supported file type. If the Formtek EDM Module is installed, this includes rendering .dwg, .dxf and .dwf file types into PDF.


Intelligent document capture platform which automatically captures content from the documents and makes that available to use in your business processes.

CounterSign for Alfresco

CounterSign for Alfresco is an easy to use digital signature toolkit and UI extension for Alfresco. Combining user key management, a rich UI and simple signatures, CounterSign can be easily extended to meet specific organizational needs.


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