Alfresco Standalone Scripts

These are commonly used scripts which can be executed from java command line. There are services which can be consumed by any external application if needed. These scripts uses OOTB Alfresco REST APIs to get the information and performs the operations according to the need.

Slack bot for Alfresco

Slack is awesome, Alfresco is awesome, and the combination of the two is extremely awesome. This project implements a simple chatbot for Slack that connects to your Alfresco instance and provides some handy functionality:

Online PDF Signer

The Online PDF Signer truly is a remarkable achievement for a digital signature solution. It’s a result of innovation, driven by obsessive attention to detail to sign a document in a more attractive and easy way.


I have created some scripts to take
(a) Backup on external device
(b) Backup on remote server using ssh
(c) Resotre Test from the backup server
This scripts are in Alfa stage, I have been using it for live production server and it works fine

Alfresco BART (Backup and Recovery tool)

Alfresco BART is a tool written in shell script on top of Duplicity for Alfresco backups and restore from a local file system, FTP, SCP or Amazon S3 of all its components: indexes, data base, content store and all deployment and configuration files.


DematR is a complete paperless solution, especially for letters and invoices, from the scan to the information storage.


DockR is an extension of Alfresco to easily mange your content with only click buttons configuration.

DockR allows you to :


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