Repository Size Dashlet

This simple, configurable dashlet displays the disk space used by your Alfresco installation.

Dynamic Extensions for Alfresco

Dynamic Extensions for Alfresco leverages OSGI to enable the rapid development of Java-based Alfresco extensions. It is intended as a replacement for the existing Alfresco Module Package (AMP) approach.

Alfresco Business Reporting

Business Reporting should be handled by the Business. Therefore reporting should use an existing tool and plain and simple SQL. Currently, reporting in Alfresco is not that easy, and many alternatives are tech-driven.

beCPG Model Designer for Alfresco

This Alfresco module provided a complete designer to create new types, aspects and forms directly from the Alfresco Share interface.

OpenCalais Integration

Uses OpenCalais service to automatically extract semantic metadata. Auto-tagging action can be used in rules. Webscripts. Share UI: semantic tag cloud and geo-tagged map dashlets, auto-tag action. FlexSpaces UI: tag clouds, map, suggest tags, tag editing.


Lambdalf -- Alfresco with a Clojure taste

An ongoing project to wrap the Alfresco Java developer platform in idiomatic Clojure. Currently the following features are provided:


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