Highest Rated Add-ons

Alfresco Share Inbound Calendar Invites

This integration adds a simple one-way integration between any calendaring system and Alfresco Share. It turns your Share sites into resources that can be invited to an event from your enterprise calendaring system. Doing so will cause the event to be added to the Alfresco Share calendar.

Media Viewers

This add-on project for Alfresco Share provides a number of content viewers to
complement the out-of-the box set supplied with Share. It was previously named
Media Preview.


Lambdalf -- Alfresco with a Clojure taste

An ongoing project to wrap the Alfresco Java developer platform in idiomatic Clojure. Currently the following features are provided:

Confluence Module

Object’s Confluence module is a plugin that connects Atlassian’s Confluence with Alfresco, mirroring your Confluence Pages for high-performance indexing via Solr, full audit control and long term archiving.

1 Basic Theme - Get a great theme for your Alfresco with a Free Theme

Alfresco comes with only a few plain and somewhat boring themes which can be hard to customise for your needs. Users also want to have additional choices when selecting a Theme for their Alfresco or a custom site they are using. We built some amazing themes for Alfresco to address this.

Manual Manager - Write and Manage Documents written in Markdown

Manual Manager by Loftux AB is an add-on for Alfresco Share that adds hierarchically structured documents written using markdown syntax. The editor has live preview and syntax help. The result is kind of a classic help file.

Current features include:

Due Diligence Module

Object’s Due Diligence module is an add-on for Alfresco Share, which is able to hide document-, and link-actions to a specific user group. It prevents content being downloaded by unauthorized users by enabling a "view_only"-mode through Alfresco’s distinct Flash preview.


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