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Media Viewers

This add-on project for Alfresco Share provides a number of content viewers to
complement the out-of-the box set supplied with Share. It was previously named
Media Preview.


Lambdalf -- Alfresco with a Clojure taste

An ongoing project to wrap the Alfresco Java developer platform in idiomatic Clojure. Currently the following features are provided:

Confluence Module

Object’s Confluence module is a plugin that connects Atlassian’s Confluence with Alfresco, mirroring your Confluence Pages for high-performance indexing via Solr, full audit control and long term archiving.

1 Basic Theme - Get a great theme for your Alfresco with a Free Theme

Alfresco comes with only a few plain and somewhat boring themes which can be hard to customise for your needs. Users also want to have additional choices when selecting a Theme for their Alfresco or a custom site they are using. We built some amazing themes for Alfresco to address this.

Manual Manager - Write and Manage Documents written in Markdown

Manual Manager by Loftux AB is an add-on for Alfresco Share that adds hierarchically structured documents written using markdown syntax. The editor has live preview and syntax help. The result is kind of a classic help file.

Current features include:

Due Diligence Module

Object’s Due Diligence module is an add-on for Alfresco Share, which is able to hide document-, and link-actions to a specific user group. It prevents content being downloaded by unauthorized users by enabling a "view_only"-mode through Alfresco’s distinct Flash preview.

Metadata Extractor

OBJECT's Metadata Extractor enables Alfresco to extract user specified metadata out of Word-documents through Alfresco’s “PoiMetadataExtracter”.


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