Highest Rated Add-ons

Alfresco Share AND Search

Using the Alfresco Share AND Search module, you will change the default search operator in Alfresco Share from "OR" to "AND". This enables end users to perfom Google style search queries.


Alvex is an open-source Alfresco-based solution for managing unstructured business processes and complex projects.

MS Office Creatable

Adds Document Library Toolbar 'Create Content' - Menu items' for direct document creation via MS Office

This uses the same ActiveX and browser plugins as the MS Office the standard edit-online feature. ActiveX - OpenDocuments?

Freemind file support

Supports previewing and indexing of freemind files (.mm extension).

It uses the same approach as share-extras media previewers for share extension and Java XSLT for XML to text transformation which enables indexing.


A plugin that enhances the standard Alfresco uploader with a mechanism to prompt the user for content type and metadata during the upload process.



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