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ifresco PHP5 Library for Alfresco

ifresco PHP Library extends the Alfresco PHP Library, many RESTFul Services (which are used by Share) are implemented. Zoho Upload is implemented in here too. A few simple examples are included. Our website www.ifresco.at
ifresco architecture:

ifresco - PHP5 Client for Alfresco

With the ifresco client we offer a powerful OpenSource? Web-Client for Alfresco which has all features which are important and neccessary for the daily work with the DMS/ECM system and which can be operated easily and intuitiv.

ifresco is Web-browser based - but offers consumer-like experience of MS-Windows applications with sortable lists, context menus, drag and drop.

Alfresco Node Manager

Alfresco Node Manager is an Open Source Java application that helps you to manage Alfresco Nodes.

If you need to delete or update those nodes that are garbage in your system, this is the easier way to manage and clean your repository, if you are not a developer of course (or not!).

Site Statistics

The site dashlet provides statistical information about No. Of Documents, wiki, blogs, forums for a specific site for either all users or a particular user in graphical view.

Grails Alfresco Plugin

This plugin will hopefully help you to integrate Alfresco 3.4 into your grails Application. Note that I have tested it only to integrate repository documents.


DeckShare is used by anyone who has an Alfresco repository containing presentations or other documents that they want to categorize, associate with other presentations, and then make available to their user base.

Apache Chemistry DotCMIS

Apache Chemistry DotCMIS is a CMIS client library for .NET. It is loosely based on the OpenCMIS client architecture.


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