Highest Rated Add-ons

Site Statistics

The site dashlet provides statistical information about No. Of Documents, wiki, blogs, forums for a specific site for either all users or a particular user in graphical view.

Grails Alfresco Plugin

This plugin will hopefully help you to integrate Alfresco 3.4 into your grails Application. Note that I have tested it only to integrate repository documents.


DeckShare is used by anyone who has an Alfresco repository containing presentations or other documents that they want to categorize, associate with other presentations, and then make available to their user base.

Apache Chemistry DotCMIS

Apache Chemistry DotCMIS is a CMIS client library for .NET. It is loosely based on the OpenCMIS client architecture.

Apache Chemistry PHP API

Apache Chemistry PHP Client is a client-side API for PHP applications that need to work with CMIS-compliant repositories (like Alfresco). If you want to hit Alfresco remotely from PHP, you need to take a look at the Apache Chemistry PHP API.

Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS

Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS is a Java implementation of the Content Management Interoperability (CMIS) specification. It contains a server-side API, a client-side API, and a compatibility test kit.

Contentreich Alfresco Email

The email-address is frequently used to identify users. In general, the users know it better than a username such as "asteffan123". Using the email-address for identification reduces the chance to enter wrong credentials during the login process.


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