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Zimbra Integration

This project provides integration of two leading open source solutions, Alfresco Enterprise Content Management and Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

It was built on top of open technologies such as Zimbra Zimlet, Alfresco Webscript and YUI Library.

Maven Alfresco Archetypes

Maven Alfresco Lifecycle aims to build a maven2 based build/lifecycle management system for Alfresco ECM and its extensions/modules, providing archetypes (for Alfresco Repository, Alfresco Share and Alfresco Module Packages), plugins and guidelines to profile Alfresco based webapps and for a rapid prototyped project startup highly IDE integrated

ADAMO - Alfresco DAta MOdel

ADAMO stands for Alfresco DAta MOdel. This application was set up to allow a user­friendly creation of Alfresco custom models. The ADAMO front­end has been developed using Spring Surf.

My Completed Tasks extension

With this simple extension you can view your completed tasks by selecting the appropriated filter in the "My tasks" dashlet.

Alfresco Image Wall

Release Name: Alfresco Image Wall Release 0.1 (23-12-2008)

Note: This is a project based on an old Alfresco release and old Cool Iris versions. So it needs quite some fixing to work on the latest releases.

ifresco PHP5 Library for Alfresco

ifresco PHP Library extends the Alfresco PHP Library, many RESTFul Services (which are used by Share) are implemented. Zoho Upload is implemented in here too. A few simple examples are included. Our website www.ifresco.at
ifresco architecture:

ifresco - PHP5 Client for Alfresco

With the ifresco client we offer a powerful OpenSource? Web-Client for Alfresco which has all features which are important and neccessary for the daily work with the DMS/ECM system and which can be operated easily and intuitiv.

ifresco is Web-browser based - but offers consumer-like experience of MS-Windows applications with sortable lists, context menus, drag and drop.

Alfresco Node Manager

Alfresco Node Manager is an Open Source Java application that helps you to manage Alfresco Nodes.

If you need to delete or update those nodes that are garbage in your system, this is the easier way to manage and clean your repository, if you are not a developer of course (or not!).

Site Statistics

The site dashlet provides statistical information about No. Of Documents, wiki, blogs, forums for a specific site for either all users or a particular user in graphical view.


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