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Bulk Import Tool (ACP Generator)

The purpose of the utility to import bulk documents into Alfresco with their meta data based on a custom content model and convert them to ACP file then import it into Alfresco. It reads custom content model, documents and CSV file and create ACP file.

Alfresco Content Modeler

This utility will help you to build custom content model, it only build the custom content model xml file, and the admin must modify manually the rest two files you can specify if the field is required, default or multi-values list

ecm4u Policy Scripting

ecm4u Policy Scripting allows to link scripts to certain important lifecycle events, such as the creation or deletion of documents (spaces), the (un-)assignment of aspects or the change of properties.

ecm4u Permissions

An efficient and simple way of managing permissions in Alfresco: this module provides tools that let you handle the structure of permissions easily and keep an overview in all situations.

ecm4u LoginByEmail

This module extends Alfresco with the possibility of logging into Alfresco Share via E-Mail.

Latest Document Dashlet

This is an example dashlet that retrieves metadata from the latest document in a given folder and displays that metadata and a link to the document in a dashlet.


This project is an extension of Atom Feed CMIS Query. Now, you also can generate a output in XML and JSON using the CMIS Query Webscript.

Script Bootstrap

The Script Bootstrap extension is part of fme's extensions gallery and defines a repository extension that executes JavaScript files at server startup time to bootstrap content or configure the repository via JavaScript.


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