Highest Rated Add-ons

Crafter Rivet

Crafter rivet provides Web application developers with an open source framework for building content-rich applications, including next-generation enterprise Web sites, portals, and social networking platforms.

Alfresco Web Script Portlet rivet (AWPr)

AWPr (Alfresco Web Script Portlet rivet) is a JSR-286 portlet that can be used to expose remote Alfresco Web scripts, including those that need user authentication.

Google Analytics Tracking

This add-on provides a modified page footer component, which integrates a client-side module to provide page tracking using Google Analytics.

Execute Script Action

This add-on project for Alfresco Share defines a custom Document Library action allowing users to select a JavaScript file from the Data Dictionary to run against a file, which can be configured into the Document Library component of Alfresco Share.

Twitter Dashlets

This project defines three custom dashlets which you can use to interact with Twitter from within Alfresco Share.

The Twitter Feed dashlet displays recent Tweets from any public Twitter user, or any public list belonging to a user.

Live Discussion Alfresco Share Addon

This addon allows users to utilize the forum and discussion capability in Repository Browser of Alfresco Share. This addon is developed for Repository Browser content and is not designed to work for document library of Alfresco Share sites

Alfresco Connector for Marklogic

An Alfresco Connector for Marklogic that will enable publishing content from Alfresco into Marklogic server. The connector uses Alfresco 4's social publishing framework to publish content. This can be manually triggered from Alfresco by a user or automatically published via a workflow.

Cobra Image Router (CIR) for Alfresco

With CIR for Alfresco, capture your paper based content using any mapped drive connected scanner and have it intelligently delivered to standard, or your customized Alfresco Share with the touch of a button!

ecm4u Email for Share

This module allows you to store your important emails in Alfresco. With the integrated previewer you can view content, recipient and atttachments of an email without having to open your native email client. The search function enables you to search for emails and attachments.


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