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Jive Toolkit

A toolkit for integrating Alfresco and social software from Jive.

Traditional Chinese Language Packs

Traditional Chinese Language Packs for Alfresco 3.4.x (above)

This language pack includes the Alfresco Explorer, Share and WCM.

此繁體的中文語言包是完整的 Alfresco 3.4.d/4.0.x 版本的翻譯,包括Alfresco Explorer,Alfresco Share 及Web Content Management 三部分。

JMX Statistics Dashlet

This administrative dashlet displays server statistics queried from the Alfresco server via a JMX client that runs as a Java-backed webscript.

User Uploader Dashlet from Spreadsheets

Alfresco Dashlet to make it easy to upload spreadsheets of new users

It provides a way to trigger the upload of a spreadsheet, as well as giving you the option to download the template file in a variety of different formats (such as Excel .xls, and CSV)

Android Content Center - ALF Mobile

ACC ALF Mobile is an android application for browsing and managing files/folders stored in an Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) based on CMIS services.

Alfresco Tooling

Some tooling scripts for rapid deployment and syncing of files under development, ment as a companion to a "proper" build system

JIRA Issue Dashlet

This dashlet for Alfresco Share displays a user's unresolved JIRA issues that are either overdue or are due shortly.


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