Highest Rated Add-ons

View Workflow History

Some users want to keep track of all workflows where the document was involved.
The region in the Document Details only displays the active workflows.

Support Tools for the Admin Console

It adds the following Features to the Admin Console:
-System Performance: live graph of the Memory and CPU usage.
-Log4JSettings: change live and easily one class to debug and tail system log remotely with a nice UI and only 2 clicks.

Audit Surf

Audit Surf is a SURF app displaying repository usage info: users connected, number of created/read/updated documents displayed by hour/day/week/month, etc. and some monitoring info (requires JMX: memory used, content stores' disk size, lucene indexes disk size, etc.)

Multiple RSS Feed Dashlet

Unlike the default dashlet provided by Alfresco, this dashlet can subscribe to several feeds!
The dashlet aggregates multiple feeds, sorted by date.
You can select a color for each feed to differentiate feed items.

Import/Export ACP,ZIP from Share

This extension allows you to import and export ACP (ZIP) from Share.

Now you can easily export ACP directly from Share. Import of an ACP file is the reverse of an export.
You can also import (and extract) ZIP.


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