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Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality control is in many companies tedious, because of lack of IT support and proper processes. Redpill Linpros QMS module tackles this, by bringing QA facilities to the document management system, so that QA can be an integral part of document production and management.

Audit Share

Audit Share is an extension totally integrated into the Share UI accessible by administrators and sites managers.
This app displays sites and repository usage info: number of created/read/updated/deleted documents displayed by day/week/month/year.

Repository Size Dashlet

This simple, configurable dashlet displays the disk space used by your Alfresco installation.

Metadata Writer

A general purpose framework for writing meta data from Alfresco into the native files. Provides an implementation for writing properties to MS Office and PDF documents but any format could be added.

Alfresco Business Reporting

Business Reporting should be handled by the Business. Therefore reporting should use an existing tool and plain and simple SQL. Currently, reporting in Alfresco is not that easy, and many alternatives are tech-driven.

Bulk Import Tool

A high performance (> 500 document / second) bulk import tool for Alfresco.

Change Share locale

Developed by Tomoyuki Hayashi at Aegif Corporation, Alfresco partner in Japan.

This extension allows you change the Share locale language from within your Share display. It would be useful when localizing a dashlet and Share itself or collaborating with language-different colleagues.

Alfresco Encryption Module

Allow users encrypt their data by AES algorithm.

If you want to try it, be sure that you have:
1. Alfresco community 4.0x
2. Alfresco SDK
3. Apache ant
4. jdk 1.6


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