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Audit Share

Audit Share is an extension totally integrated into the Share UI accessible by administrators and sites managers.
This app displays sites and repository usage info: number of created/read/updated/deleted documents displayed by day/week/month/year.

MS Office Creatable

Adds Document Library Toolbar 'Create Content' - Menu items' for direct document creation via MS Office

This uses the same ActiveX and browser plugins as the MS Office the standard edit-online feature. ActiveX - OpenDocuments?

Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality control is in many companies tedious, because of lack of IT support and proper processes. Redpill Linpros QMS module tackles this, by bringing QA facilities to the document management system, so that QA can be an integral part of document production and management.

Filepicker.io Upload

Alfresco Share module for Filepicker.io

This is an extension module for the Share document library - it overrides the upload action and invokes the filepicker.io UI - see: http://filepicker.io

Visualization Tools

Alfresco Visualization Tools (AVT) provides a platform to bring content visualization to Alfresco.

It also includes dashlets to view and visualize content within Alfresco repositories using D3.js and Simile Project.

Following visualizations are provided along with this project.

Content Uploader Pro

Currently in Alfresco Share, the document could only be categorized by invoking the “Edit Metadata” screen once the document gets uploaded successfully. This introduces few extra clicks and steps to categorize the document.


Alvex is an open-source Alfresco-based solution for managing unstructured business processes and complex projects.

Site Task Manager

The Site Task Manager is an Alfresco Share site dashlet that lets members of a site create tasks and then allows all other members of the site to see and track the status of those tasks.

Social Tops

This project defines a dashlet showing "Top People" based on their activities, with configurable policy for scores calculation.


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