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Alfresco Presence in Share Currently is a PoC for presence in Alfresco Share, in the Site Members dahslet.

Confluence Module

Object’s Confluence module is a plugin that connects Atlassian’s Confluence with Alfresco, mirroring your Confluence Pages for high-performance indexing via Solr, full audit control and long term archiving.

Due Diligence Module

Object’s Due Diligence module is an add-on for Alfresco Share, which is able to hide document-, and link-actions to a specific user group. It prevents content being downloaded by unauthorized users by enabling a "view_only"-mode through Alfresco’s distinct Flash preview.


DematR is a complete paperless solution, especially for letters and invoices, from the scan to the information storage.


DockR is an extension of Alfresco to easily mange your content with only click buttons configuration.

DockR allows you to :

Alfresco Listmanager

This addon provides a way to manage list of values to be used in alfresco metadata forms. The model provided constraints are not
always suitable to use. Sometimes you just want to pick a value from a list without constraining anything. In addition there is no


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