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BIMServer.org integration for 3D models

Our module BIM Server Integration allows you to use BIMServer.org from within Alfresco Share. BIMServer.org is a BIM/IFC complaint management system for 3D models in the IFC standard format.


Integration with Evernote that allows user to create a publish channel and publish to Evernote

Everfresco is in alpha status now. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Thanks for trying it out!

Intelligent Scanclient

This extremely flexible product contains integration, import, monitoring and tooling support for well known ECM systems worldwide.

CounterSign for Alfresco

CounterSign for Alfresco is an easy to use digital signature toolkit and UI extension for Alfresco. Combining user key management, a rich UI and simple signatures, CounterSign can be easily extended to meet specific organizational needs.


evoReports is a full-featured solution for report design, creation and execution for the Alfresco platform. Based on Jasper Reports, evoReports extends Alfresco's existing functionality to create a reporting solution that is powerful, flexible and easy to use and install.

Support Tools for the Admin Console

It adds the following Features to the Admin Console:
-System Performance: live graph of the Memory and CPU usage.
-Log4JSettings: change live and easily one class to debug and tail system log remotely with a nice UI and only 2 clicks.


Alfresco Presence in Share Currently is a PoC for presence in Alfresco Share, in the Site Members dahslet.

Confluence Module

Object’s Confluence module is a plugin that connects Atlassian’s Confluence with Alfresco, mirroring your Confluence Pages for high-performance indexing via Solr, full audit control and long term archiving.


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