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Alfresco Power Search

Alfresco Share’s already powerful search capabilities just got even better! Alfresco Power Search is a set of user interface search enhancements that allows users to spend less time looking for information and more time putting it to use.

Alfresco Actions Library

The world just got simpler with the Alfresco Actions Library! This extension of the document actions currently available within Alfresco Share gives you more robust and streamlined options for completing tasks. No more headaches! These widgets include:

Alfresco Librarian

A document management system isn’t very useful if the content inside is hidden from view. Our Librarian for Alfresco can automatically keep your content organized and classified so that it’s easy to find. It automates tedious manual tasks so that your users don’t have to.

Share Make Public

Share content in Alfresco externally via a Share Action in the document library

Content Linker

With OBJECT's Content Linker it's possible to upload and create content in one place within the Alfresco repository and to manage it in all spaces where users have write permission.

Zoomable Image Viewer

View high-resolution images within the browser. Every image is transformed for fast loading without loosing its image quality. Image transformation is done in Alfresco.

iParapheur Connector for Alfresco

Le but du connecteur est de permettre d'envoyer des documents présents dans Alfresco vers un circuit de validation du i-parapheur, et de récupérer en retour le document validé, avec son historique de validation.
Pour cela, les fonctions suivantes ont été développées :


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