Social Login (LinkedIn, oauth2)

This addon allows users to sign up and sign in to Alfresco by using the social account. Right now only LinkedIn authentication is supported, but we are going to enhance it to add the ability to log in to Alfresco by using facebook, twitter and google accounts.

Alfresco private share link with password

If content in Alfresco is expected to be shared to external people (they don’t have accounts in Alfresco), Alfresco can provide Quick Share feature to generate a public link for a document, and any one can view and download documents as long as they use this link.

Access Control - IP Address Whitelist

For the specified directory can be opened only by the visitor whose ip address in the whitelist , if it's not, even if you have a valid login permissions and read and write permissions still can not open the specified directory.

User account switcher

Additional page on administration tools page. Allows user with admin permissions login under another account registered in alfresco without knowing his/her password.

Login in Alfresco with LDAP email address

With this addon, you can login in Alfresco repository and Share with email field of your openLDAP. Some searches are improved in Share UI for using mail users.

The installation needs two AMP files, one for Alfresco repository and another for Alfresco Share.

Site Task Manager

The Site Task Manager is an Alfresco Share site dashlet that lets members of a site create tasks and then allows all other members of the site to see and track the status of those tasks.

Alfresco CIFS authenticator for openLDAP users

This addon provides CIFS authentication subsystem for Alfresco 3.4.x, 4.x and 5.x for an openLDAP user directory. Alfresco ECM, by default, provides CIFS/SAMBA network drive access only for alfrescoNTLM and passthru subsystems, but lacks for an openLDAP user.

Alfresco Connector for Marklogic

An Alfresco Connector for Marklogic that will enable publishing content from Alfresco into Marklogic server. The connector uses Alfresco 4's social publishing framework to publish content. This can be manually triggered from Alfresco by a user or automatically published via a workflow.


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