MS Office Creatable

Adds Document Library Toolbar 'Create Content' - Menu items' for direct document creation via MS Office

This uses the same ActiveX and browser plugins as the MS Office the standard edit-online feature. ActiveX - OpenDocuments?


This project provides the following components which display geotagged content items within map views and to modify the geographic information associated with stored items.

Edit online with Libreoffice / Openoffice

Online Edition with Libreoffice / Openoffice Addon for Alfresco Share provides an action for editing Office and MS office documents in Alfresco Share.


- Action links in navigation menu and document details action menu.

More details, source code and downloads:

Quality Management System (QMS)

Quality control is in many companies tedious, because of lack of IT support and proper processes. Redpill Linpros QMS module tackles this, by bringing QA facilities to the document management system, so that QA can be an integral part of document production and management.

Share Clipboard

This project defines a Share Clipboard that allows collecting documents in Alfresco Share.

Wiki Printout

Alfresco Wiki Printout is a simple extension to Alfresco Share that adds a print.css file for printing Wiki pages.

Live Discussion Alfresco Share Addon

This addon allows users to utilize the forum and discussion capability in Repository Browser of Alfresco Share. This addon is developed for Repository Browser content and is not designed to work for document library of Alfresco Share sites

Alfresco Encryption Module

Allow users encrypt their data by AES algorithm.

If you want to try it, be sure that you have:
1. Alfresco community 4.0x
2. Alfresco SDK
3. Apache ant
4. jdk 1.6

"Unzip" Share Action (ZIP)

This extension allows you to add a new action "Unzip" in the document library of sites and in the Repository View.
With this action, you can easily unzip ZIP files directly from the Share UI.


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