Content Linker

With OBJECT's Content Linker it's possible to upload and create content in one place within the Alfresco repository and to manage it in all spaces where users have write permission.

Alfresco connector Hitachi Content Platform HCP

Would you like your content to be secure, encrypted and protected thanks to Alfresco installation?
Would you like to enable your Enterprise Management Content Source to document digital signing?


Enjoy quick and painless editing of all your documents in Alfresco.
In one click, SimpleEdit will open all your files in the preferred editor installed on your computer. SimpleEdit automates the check-in/out in Alfresco and the versioning of the document. Say goodbye to data scattering.


Alfresco-inboxes implements an inbox view on top of Alfresco's documents. An inbox is a container of documents that helps a user organise his or her work. At its core, an inbox is defined by a CMIS query.

Move document to Folder Action

Custom Share Action on a Document which shows a dialog to input the folder.
Just fill in the name of the folder and it's moved.

Metadata Export to spreadsheet

This module allows users to create a comma separated spreadsheet with properties of all the content within a folder. The functionality can be called using a custom action in the document library menu of a folder.


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