Enterprise 3.4.x

Multiple RSS Feed Dashlet

Unlike the default dashlet provided by Alfresco, this dashlet can subscribe to several feeds!
The dashlet aggregates multiple feeds, sorted by date.
You can select a color for each feed to differentiate feed items.

"Compress and Download" Share Action (ZIP)

This extension allows you to add action "Compress and download" in the document library of sites and in the Repository View.
With this action, you can easily download various contents (files and/or folders), all compressed into a ZIP archive.

Audit Surf

Audit Surf is a SURF app displaying repository usage info: users connected, number of created/read/updated documents displayed by hour/day/week/month, etc. and some monitoring info (requires JMX: memory used, content stores' disk size, lucene indexes disk size, etc.)

ecm4u Policy Scripting

ecm4u Policy Scripting allows to link scripts to certain important lifecycle events, such as the creation or deletion of documents (spaces), the (un-)assignment of aspects or the change of properties.

ifresco AutoOCR Transformer

The AutoOCR Server is integrated via REST as a dynamic configurable Alfresco document transformer. AutoOCR creates searchable PDF´s or other document formats like TXT, DOC(X), XLS(X), PPT(X), XML, RTF and HTML from image of PDF files.

ecm4u Permissions

An efficient and simple way of managing permissions in Alfresco: this module provides tools that let you handle the structure of permissions easily and keep an overview in all situations.

Change Share locale

Developed by Tomoyuki Hayashi at Aegif Corporation, Alfresco partner in Japan.

This extension allows you change the Share locale language from within your Share display. It would be useful when localizing a dashlet and Share itself or collaborating with language-different colleagues.


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