Enterprise 3.4.x


eDrive 0.3.0 is now available.


eSync is a utility library written by EOSSOnline Limited to help Java developers build synchronization solutions between File Systems and CMIS content Repositories

Callas pdfaPilot Converter for Alfresco

The standard document converters that ship with Alfresco uses OpenOffice (or LibreOffice) for conversion of some documents to PDF. When it comes to converting Microsoft Office documents to PDF or PDF/A, with OpenOffice the end result is sometimes not as good as the original.

Snowbound Software's VirtualViewer® HTML5 Document Viewer

Our VirtualViewer® HTML5 document viewer for Alfresco provides users with a powerful and flexible interface to securely access documents and images from any system or platform (including tablets and smartphones) all within the existing Alfresco framework.

Daeja ViewONE Integration

This project is aimed at assisting with the integration of Daeja ViewONE Pro and Alfresco.

This open project is currently being maintained by Armedia.

Alfresco Search Criteria API

Alfresco Search Criteria API is a simplified API for retrieving Alfresco nodes across Lucene or Solr engines without coding complex Lucene queries.

beCPG PLM for Alfresco

beCPG is a Product Lifecycle Management software that manages the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal.


Based on Zia Consulting's mobile application for interaction with Alfresco over CMIS on Android platform, we have improved some features for Fresh docs:
- Better GUI
- Edit file
- Upload file
- Delete file
- Add to favorite, synchronized with server

Alfresco Scan Client plus Scanner

It has never been easier to convert paper documents into Alfresco to archive and integrate into your digital processes.

  • Kofax Express 3.1
  • Export Connector Alfresco 1.7
  • Fujitsu scanner fi-6110
  • 1 year software maintenance

for 899.00 EUR


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