Community 5.1.x

Share Site Creators

This add-on gives you the ability to restrict Alfresco Share site creation to a specific group of users. Users not in the group will not see a "Create Site" link in:

Share Site Space Templates

Adds the ability to create a default set of folders to an Alfresco Share site by leveraging Space Templates

For example, the out-of-the-box Share site "type" is shown in English as "Collaboration Site". Its preset ID is "site-dashboard".

Share Make Public

Share content in Alfresco externally via a Share Action in the document library

ShareBox - Secure external sharing

It is not a secret that Alfresco comes with the ability to share files with external users. However, we figured out that this function doesn’t serve most of external sharing requirements that users are in need. We believe you’ll see why when you’re done reading this post.


Enjoy quick and painless editing of all your documents in Alfresco.
In one click, SimpleEdit will open all your files in the preferred editor installed on your computer. SimpleEdit automates the check-in/out in Alfresco and the versioning of the document. Say goodbye to data scattering.


ALFXDS is a XDS.b compliant connector for Alfresco.
It's based on The Open eHealth Integration Platform (IPF)

Alfresco Calendar to Exchange Integration

The Alfresco Exchange Calendar Integration add-on enables users to synchronise their folders from an Alfresco Share Calendar to a user’s personal Exchange Calendar. This is a one-way synchronization from Alfresco to Exchange to enable the team to be up-to-date with a site calendar.

Digital signing

Digital sign documents with certificate and eventually picture
- Sign all documents transformable in PDF and XML
- Sign PDF documents in PDF/A-1
- Sign multiple documents in one action
- Create/modify your signature
- Dashlet to follow signed documents
- Email alert on key expiration


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