Community 5.0.x

Alfresco CIFS authenticator for openLDAP users

This addon provides CIFS authentication subsystem for Alfresco 3.4.x, 4.x and 5.x for an openLDAP user directory. Alfresco ECM, by default, provides CIFS/SAMBA network drive access only for alfrescoNTLM and passthru subsystems, but lacks for an openLDAP user.

Auditing Extension

The Formtek Auditing Extension records standard Alfresco transactions such as Create, Edit Properties, Update Properties, Checkout, Download, Upload New Version, Move to, Copy to, Manage Permissions, Manage Aspects, Delete Document, and more. Custom actions are also recorded.

Version Browser Extension

The Formtek Version Browser Extension is integrated with the Alfresco Share application to allow you to browse a document’s versions and view the associated properties as well as a preview of the version’s content.

Peer Association Extension

The Formtek Peer Association Extension allows you to create associations between documents and folders in Alfresco. If an item has associations, an Associations panel is displayed in the item’s Details window with a link to each associated document or folder.

Alfresco MetaDBConnector Component

An Alfresco Share component that allows you to link complex database information with your content's metadata in Alfresco – following the "Alfresco way".

Alfresco PDF Toolkit

Alfresco PDF Toolkit adds additional functionality to Alfresco, enabling the manipulation of PDF files.

Current Functionality:

Dynamic Extensions for Alfresco

Dynamic Extensions for Alfresco leverages OSGI to enable the rapid development of Java-based Alfresco extensions. It is intended as a replacement for the existing Alfresco Module Package (AMP) approach.


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