Explorer Web Client (Obsolete)

Alfresco Virus Alert

Alfresco's Module for Enterprise and Community versions to scan documents using every antivirus engine.


Twitter Bootstrap client of Alfresco.

Full client application of Alfresco built on Twitter Bootstrap v3.1.0.

Key Features:

Intelligent Scanclient

This extremely flexible product contains integration, import, monitoring and tooling support for well known ECM systems worldwide.


evoReports is a full-featured solution for report design, creation and execution for the Alfresco platform. Based on Jasper Reports, evoReports extends Alfresco's existing functionality to create a reporting solution that is powerful, flexible and easy to use and install.

Metadata Extractor

OBJECT's Metadata Extractor enables Alfresco to extract user specified metadata out of Word-documents through Alfresco’s “PoiMetadataExtracter”.

Windows Easy Sync - Desktop Synchronization for Alfresco

The Alfresco / Windows Easy Sync Integration includes an embedded Alfresco Explorer for browsing the repository contents. Users can view, download, create, edit, move, delete Alfresco documents or spaces directly on the server.

Outlook E-Mail Manager for Alfresco

The Westernacher „Outlook E-Mail-Manager“ for Alfresco is an efficient and easy-to-use instrument for integration of Alfresco features to your regular email management environment. The Outlook Integration for Alfresco is easy to install and offers many useful features.


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